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"We're bringing you an incredible gaming story in just 2 hours. "

Welcome to Ayacat Games, a game startup dedicated to crafting short, captivating narrative games that resonate with players around the world. Our team of passionate writers, designers, and developers is committed to creating immersive, story-driven experiences that make players think, feel, and connect with the world around them.

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You’re a broke college graduate. Your rich, distant uncle has just shown up out of nowhere and given you 100 million dollars! You’re now one of the ultra-rich and getting ready to move into a downtown garden mansion.


And right at this moment, four handsome men come into your life. Could this be… the romance you’ve been waiting for!? But wait, there’s something behind their smiles that says otherwise...

Elias: Where there’s desire, there’s always a paper trail.
Kyle: Let me discover the statistical pattern of your heartbeat.
Justin: You’re my one and only friend.
Steven: Ladies and gentlemen, remember to follow me on OnlyFuns!

首頁: 文字

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